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Hey there,

I’m Manisha Goyal. Basically of Sikkim origin, a beautiful state in the north east Corner of India, residing now in Siliguri, West Bengal.

I’m a food freak, love to try out new dishes and try to recreate the same at home with my own little twist. I cook traditional and fusion foods from Indian cuisine.

I guess I’m more into desserts and baking. I love making all those sweets during festive seasons and I have a soft corner for baking. I’ve always enjoyed cooking and nothing gives me more pleasure then to cook for my loved ones. And yes cooking is a “stress buster” for me.

I was never a foodie or never so passionate about cooking. But as I got married, I saw that my interest in cooking grew day by day.


We know that the user is in the center of every business.

My Maa makes awesome food and I guess the cooking thing is in my blood. I never learnt how to cook but grew up watching Maa make fabulous dishes.

My hubby and kiddo are complete foodies. Every second day they want something different to eat. And yes not to forget my in-laws.

Since the day I came, I’ve spoilt their eating habits. My FIL only craves dishes these days.

FOODNSPOONS – This happened to me not all of a sudden. I always wanted to write about the food I cook and after seeing my Lil sissy‘s amazing fashion blog, I also had that urge in me to do something.


Other then cooking, my second love is reading books. I’m a complete book worm and it’s crazy to say that at times, I don’t even leave the story books.

Recently I’ve developed interest in reading related to Buddhism and the hunt for the right books is on. I’m a simple human being with no big dreams. Though I would someday like to own a restaurant.

My funda is LIVE AND LET LIVE. I don’t have much of friends but when I make one, they are mine for a lifetime. I’m a very lazy person at times.

I love life, I love love. I like those little things in life which makes me happy. I love the rains. I love winters. I love the fog. I love early mornings, the sunrise, the sunset, the fresh air. The way kids smile is awesome.

Life is amazing. Live it to the fullest.

DO NOT regret your past.

Live in the present and welcome the future with open hands !!!

Love ya!!


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